You know that funny week between Christmas and New Year's Day, when not much is going on, but there's lots of time to spare. It's actually a really great (albeit slightly awkward) time. Despite Gui and I both having some work to do during this week, it felt pretty slow and sweet. We took advantage of some really spectacular, sunny weather while we could, too. Avienne and Loden made good use of their largest Christmas gift from this year - a 16-foot trampoline, and we biked around a bit in between coffee shop hangs and Christmas cleanup. 

When New Year's Eve rolled around, we indulged once again with a lamb ragù pasta that simmered in the oven for most of the afternoon. Then, we gathered with friends for the kids' first ever NYE outing, which I think means we now have really grown kids. :( 

Tomorrow, I'll be finishing up the post-Christmas cleanup, including de-decorating the tree and stashing away all the new paper bag snowflakes and hanging stars we made this year. It's a bittersweet time thinking about another holiday wrapping up and a whole new year ahead. The one personal thing I hope for this new year is some clarity; lately, nothing really seems clear about the days, months, years to come and although I've always been a more spontaneous spirit, I'm increasingly uneasy with all the question marks floating about. If I'm lucky, it'll be a year about discovery, and plans for next steps will eventually unfold so things will fall into place as they've been known to do. We shall see.