Thursday, May 6, 2010

Since Gui and I travel at least once a year to the States, we try to track the movements of the Euro against the US Dollar so we can capitalize on the best exchange rates for our trips.  We've usually been pretty good about exchanging our currencies at really favorable rates, which lets us spend a bit more when we're visiting and going out in The Land of Plenty.  Back in November, we talked about exchanging our fancy European money while it was towering over the dollar at about $1.50.  But my overly-confident optimism kept our Euros in the bank and our American bank account stagnant.  Since then, it's all been literally downhill for the Euro, and we'll likely be forced to deal with a relatively even, Dollar-for-Euro exchange rate while we're visiting next month.  Which sucks.

While I'm clearly no expert on the subject, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Euro pan out flat against the Dollar in the coming months.  With all the uncertainties surrounding the Greek and Spanish economies (and the French one, for that matter), the Euro seems to be holding less and less water these days.  Luckily for Gui and I, we don't have a problem subsisting on 79¢ tacos and $1 Lone Star.  America The Great, indeed!

Graph tracking the Euro against the dollar from


Ashleigh said...

I know what you mean. We get paid in US dollars even though we are stationed in Spain. For us, it's the opposite. It's nice to see our dollars go a little further.

Crystal said...

so first, clever post title...well done! Second, I have been thinking the EXACT same thing all this week because the Canadian dollar used to be at 1.60 against the euro, and it has plummeted to 1.30 so I won't be getting as much back. Good thing Tim Hortons coffee is super cheap and my parents insist on spoiling me when I'm home :p

Josephine said...

Sarah: I love you!!! Thanks for always posting something that puts a smile upon my face!

I can't wait to hug and kiss you!!

Love, Mum

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