Sunny days in Normandy

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We had such magnifique weather during our short stay in Normandy. Although Saturday only provided a few short hours of brilliant sunlight, Sunday gave us an entire day of bright, blue skies, perfect for a trip to see the famous cliffs of Étretat. After a trip to the marché, we took the hour-and-a-half long ride from Caen, passing through the stunning Normandy Bridge, several toll roads and fall foliage to the quaint, but bustling beach-side town of Etretat. Even though I wasn't quite dressed for rock-climbing, the prospect of viewing the seemingly endless pebbled beach from atop the massive cliff was too tempting to pass up. So, 270+ steps we climbed to the highest point, and when the wind had become too much to bear, down we came. We stopped in town for some warm drinks at a 237 year-old hotel before heading back in the general direction of Caen (it doesn't take much to get a little lost in Basse-Normandie) where we and our hosts prepared a full-on feast.

We spent our last day of vacation hanging around Caen's city center, shopping, gorging on top-notch, local cheese, and playing competitive poker. Gui and I also spent some of the day pondering ways in which we could become neighbors with our Normand friends. It's strange how the company of truly fantastic people, great food, and good times can make a place feel like home. I know I said this last time we visited Normandy, but I can't help but repeat my apparent aspiration to live there. Coming back to Paris, the furor and commotion of daily life shocked me back into the reality of living in the big city, and my serious thoughts of a slower life dwindled into a simple reverie. Even though we'll keep the possibility of moving away from Paris at the back of our minds, there's still a lot to focus on accomplishing here. So, for now, my memories and these pictures will have to suffice.


At the marché, enjoying an Américain (sausage in a baguette, topped with fries).

Heading toward Normandy Bridge.

The view from the beach.

Juliet and the view from the cliff.


To get an idea of how massive the beach and cliffs are, notice how tiny the people look on the beach.

Where we stopped for an afternoon drink.

This place was opened in 1871!

Dessert is served.

Shopping in Caen.

A little dinner and poker on our last night.


Raychelle said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! I'll definitely have to put Normandy on my list of places to visit :)

Irisa said...

How come an "Americain" has sausage in it? Are the french trying to compensate for something? Hahaha...leave it to me to be crude! THAT their idea of a hot dog? ;-)

Your trip sounds and looks lovely! Great pics! I wish I was loaded with money so I could travel with you! But alas, I am stuck in Austin...*sigh*...Can't wait to see you during the holidays! :)

misplaced texan said...

Raychelle: Thanks!! Defintely put it on your list. It's a beautiful place!

Irisa: Actually, it's only called "American" when fries are included. It's just called a "saucisse baguette" without fries. So, basically, French people think the addition of fries makes any meal immediately American. I guess kinda like we think any meal with caviar must be French. :)

Milk Jam said...

no way!!! i was 3km from Etretat all weekend staying with some friends! wish i would have known, would be great to meet you someday! (although I bet I'll see you at the K&K celebration no? :-)) glad you had fun in haute & basse normandie (i prefer basse normandie myself hehe)

Basir Seerat said...

excellent set ,wonderfull photos you have from you nice mamories.

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