Le Quatre Juillet

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Besides the fact that I was 3,000 miles away from the country whose independence is celebrated on the 4th of July, the evening was spent like nearly every other American spent it - hot dogs, chips, beer, potato salad, poker and whiskey. With the exception of a crowded fireworks display, it was just like being home. We invited some friends over to enjoy the traditional fare and man, was it a hit! First, let me just say that it was my first time ever making potato salad - how could I have gone so long in my adult life without making this southern staple? Well, at every event that commands potato salad, my mom or Aunt Mary are in attendance to make their specialty, and I'm usually just fine with that. I made mine with what I had on hand - potatoes, shallots, boiled eggs, dill, yellow mustard, mayonnaise and relish. I was a little worried about how our purely French guests would like it, but I was content to eat the leftovers should there be any. There weren't, and I ended up sharing my recipe with everyone. I also served up for dessert an apple coffee cake, which was raved about. But, the biggest hit of the night was not the French's mustard or relish that we smuggled back from Texas (although I will be needing replenishments soon), but it was the ranch dip that I served with cucumber that everyone was hootin' and hollerin' over. I even gave one of them a packet to take home because he couldn't stop talking about how good it was. In the end, I was happy that I was able to share a little of my culture and even happier that they enjoyed it.

I totally won the first round of poker! Woohoo!

French 4th of July.

You can find the rest of the pics here:


Candy said...

mmmm....looks good!

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

That poptato salad makes me thing I might like to eat it. (I currently don't!) Your Quatre Juillet fete looks more fun than mine was! Hooray!

lulu said...

great aftermath shot!

JV said...

Sarah: Your ps looks absolutely delish! I understand your subliminal message ;; regarding the French's mustard and relish! :)

Looks like it was a fun 4th!

Love, Mum

Irisa said...

Awww...look at you being all domestic in France! ;-)

RANCH is really THE BOMB! I couldn't live without it! Haha...

Looks like you had a good 4th too! But seriously...next year, you need to be here so we can celebrate our anniversary together! :)

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