J'aime my new shoes!

Friday, June 13, 2008

While we were in San Antonio, I found a pair of the cutest flats at Gap and decided to get them because I figured if I found something better in Austin, I could always take them back. I don't know why, but I'm always really skeptical about buying something at the first place I see it...it worries me to think I'll find a better bargain or a higher quality items somewhere else. Anyway, I held on to these shoes - tags and all - until I got back to France (I had no need to wear them in Austin where the 100-degree temps called for strictly open-toed shoes). So, after a rainy day, I slipped these babies on and took to the streets, and found that they were totally worth the wait to wear them. I absolutely love how they feel and they go with practically everything I own. And, I know I could never have found a better or comparable deal here in Paris, so I'm a very happy shoe-wearer these days.


Candy said...

LOVE those! i simply must have the info so i can check stock at gaps here! i looked online quickly but didn't see them. :(

Candy said...

nevermind..think i found them online. are they silver or another color? i can't tell by the pic.

JV said...

ooh lala! !Que bonito son tu zapatos! Me gustan!

Don't forget to try and visit with YOUR favorite president who is visiting France. He is such a statesman....NOT!

Hope you are doing well.



lulu said...

Ce sont mignon!

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