A la prochaine

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

à la prochaine = until next time

Guillaume and I will be in London from tomorrow afternoon until Sunday. We don't really have an itinerary or even a list of places to see or things to do, so we're pretty much just taking a vacation from vacation. (Not to rub it in or anything.) I guess you could say we're taking a vacation from Paris. It'll be nice to be in an English-speaking country again, and I'm hoping to catch up with some old friends of mine that I've managed to lose touch with over the past few years. Oh, and I love London. I don't think it'll be very difficult to have a nice time in my favorite city, but we're going to try to stick to the low- or no-cost entertainment while we're in the Second-most expensive city in the world.

PS: I've posted a couple more entries below. See you soon!

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