We're in that funky time in between summer and fall, where the day's weather is a mystery only solved by checking the forecast each morning, and you're not quite sure if it's still too early to put chili and soup on the regular dinner rotation or wait another month. While waiting for solid signs of persisting cooler temps, we've been sticking to spending our days indoors, setting up some semblance of a routine and working on some milestones. I'm so excited for the change of season, and honestly can't wait for Loden to become a little more mobile; he's such a heavy baby, it's a struggle for me to keep him strapped in a carrier for long and he's easily bored with those lame stroller views. I can't say enough how different my two babies have been!

So, here's what chez nous has been looking like lately while we wait for fall to arrive. 

Pretty much what's going on 50% of the time we're home. 

Pulled out the high chair for this little fella to try out some avocado (he is already obsessed with watching me eat and drools with every bite he witnesses being taken). He was a little too tired to try much and kept stretching his legs out to stand up, but I sure was happy to see he fit into it perfectly (and still under the weight limit, phew!). 

I stole these from Gui's phone where he was hiding them from the world. Snuggles are an everyday requirement of Avienne's, especially on the weekends when they have the time to really get their morning snuggle on.

A happy baby mastering tummy time in between squeals and grunts.

So...feeding a hungry boy is no joke. 

I won't be surprised to see this dude walking by 9 months. He's constantly on his feet, testing out the strength of those thunderous thighs and wanting desperately to join the ranks of walking humans.