Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Well, it's bedtime for me and I just erased a 6 paragraph entry about how we spent a lovely Monday around Paris. For the past 8ish years that I've blogged, that's never happened to me. Like ever. 

I don't even know how to begin rewriting it, so here's what I can remember in bullet points and pictures until I stop kicking myself and have the time to write about our next adventure.

  • We've been in Paris for a week now and it feels both like forever and just yesterday that we arrived.
  • I took Avienne to Cojean for lunch on Monday; she had pasta, I had risotta - it was as good as ever.
  • A few things she notices most while traveling around the city are cranes, berry bushes, bells, horns and sirens. And pigeons.
  • We spent hours going to and from Chateau de Vincennes to finish up a final few meetings for my shop.
  • I felt like we spent the whole day hopping from one mode of transport to another or walking around.
  • She made me carry her a few times, so I kind of feel like I'm working out again.
  • We tried to check out Coutume Lab, but it was closed, so ended up enjoying the warmth, smiles and people watching at Café Coutume instead. We will definitely be lingering around there often.
  • I had my first real coffee since being in Paris and Avienne had her first ever "babyccino".
  • We ended our 7 hour day with a hot bath, warm pasta and snuggled up reading in bed.
  • I'm looking forward to more Mondays.
...still kicking myself, though.

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Anonymous said...

j'adore les photos...

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