On blogging

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I may or may not have stayed up until 2:30 this morning, reading through my old blog archives and pondering the life of my blog.  I'm pretty sure I haven't (voluntarily) stayed up that late since well before my third trimester, but I got hooked on reading back through all the posts from the time I spent in California to just before our move to Texas via Paris.  I'm really grateful for all the posts I managed to write (I hardly even posted pictures back then...how boring!), even if it was just to explain why I hadn't had time to blog.  It's hard to remember all the little (and big) details of the past 5, nearly 6 years, and I have a feeling the next 5 are going to be even more muddled now that I'm a mama.

I write a regular journal to Avienne in a book that documents her milestones as a baby, but for me, there hasn't been anything quite like blogging that's let me just narrate what's on my mind.  And, I don't know how I would have gotten through those first grey days in Paris without having an outlet to vent my frustrations and homesickness, not to mention all the amazing people I've met by simply having a blog.

I guess my hope for the future of this blog is just to keep on keepin' on.  As much as I enjoy documenting our (often mundane) daily goings-on, I really love having an archive of my thoughts to flip back through when I need a reminder of just how far we've come.  And, since a move back to Paris is pretty certain for some time in the next few years, I want to be able to look back on these first moments of becoming a mother and recall how special they've been.

And now for a few obligatory baby photos...

The goose is getting fat

Monday, November 26, 2012


It's official.  Christmastime has arrived chez nous.  This past weekend, we picked out our very first Christmas tree ever.  We had so much fun running around the tree lot, looking for the THE perfect specimen to bring home to stay.  Of course, being the slightly type-A gal that I am, before going, I researched a bit on what kind of tree would be best in our house, and we decided to look for a Fraser Fir.  Apparently, they stay fresher longer and have that Christmas-tree smell I'm so incredibly fond of this time of year.

We looked around a bit, and as we were inspecting one - checking for any brown leaves or bald spots - a perfectly plump, bright green tree fell to the ground just next to us.  Gui picked it up to put it back in place, but once we realized how perfect it was, we decided the fallen tree was the one and we took it home with us.

Last night, we stayed up a little late adorning our lovely sapin with the very few decorations we actually have on hand (we're first-timers, here!), but we'll probably finish it off this week as we gather the rest of our Christmas decorations, including our stockings.  I feel like such a kid everytime I catch a glimpse of our lovely tree twinkling in the corner of our living room - it's a nice reminder that Christmas is really coming.

These two

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm thankful for so many things in my life - too many to count. But, this year especially, I'm most thankful for these two beautiful people who bring me such happiness and fill my life with so much love. I'm so lucky I get to share my life with them and especially happy to be spending our first Thanksgiving together as a family of three. Wishing everyone a splendid Thanksgiving, wherever you are today! 

Raw laughter

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Avienne laughs at the most random things.  Sometimes, I don't think she even realizes she's laughing - she just does it almost as a reflex.  It's so funny to watch her crack up over a sneeze or the sound of someone singing.  The only problem is, we can't ever figure out how to make her laugh again using the same tactics.  The day after we shot this video, paper-tearing was old news to her and she didn't even crack a smile when we tried our hardest for an encore.  

It's going to be hard to keep up with this girl.

These days, chez nous

Thursday, November 15, 2012


There's been a lot of cozy-ish stuff going on around here these days.  We've hung a few little Christmas lights in the living room, and I'm hoping that all the baking, knitting and cinnamon candle burning I've been doing lately will somehow will Christmas  to get here faster.  

After shelling half of the pecans we picked on Saturday, I had the urge to bake some chocolate chip and pecan cookies late last night, which we all know is never a good idea.  Somehow they managed to turn out ok, but I've decided that pecans just don't belong in a chocolate chip cookie.  I guess I'll have to find another use for the rest of our pickings (pecan brittle, anyone?).  

Oh, and I've already busted out the Christmas music.  I know I'm not the only one...


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yesterday was a good one.  We woke up extra early to meet a big bunch of my family at one of our favorite breakfast spots in East Austin.  It's one of those places where everyone knows everyone and regulars know to come early to avoid the late crowd of newly-recruited patrons.  Gui and I go there every once in a while by ourselves or with a couple of friends, but there's nothing quite like being there with my parents, aunts and uncles who know nearly everyone who walks in and make the place feel just like home.

The rest of the day was up in the air, so we mostly just milled around the house, playing with new toys, snacking on baked apple goodness and trying to get as many giggles and smiles out of Avienne as we could.  We did manage to get out for a bit, too to enjoy some of the delicious breezes and fall sunshine. For the past few weeks, the pecans from our neighbors' pecan tree have given way to autumn and can be heard popping under car tires and pounding on window panes, rooftops and our cemented driveway as they abandon the tree and settle happiy into our yard.  During the day, I often see squirrels come around to retreive these nutty goods and bury them for later.  We decided it was a shame to let the squirrels have all the pleasure of eating our pecans - especially with Thanksgiving (and pecan-pie-making) around the corner.  So, while everyone else was watching the football game, we spent a bit of our day gathering up a few choice pecans and wandering around the neighborhood during a rare quiet afternoon.  Family time is my favorite.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

After seeing this picture:

Gui's grandmother sent us this one:

I think it's just time for me to throw in the towel and admit that Avienne is truly her father's daughter.

PS: Wasn't Gui the cutest little tanned blondie?


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Last week, Avienne and I took a last-minute trip to Kansas to visit my sister and her family for a couple of days.  I got my first dose of flying with a baby, which I have to say wasn't all bad.  Honestly, people were way more understanding of a fussy baby than I ever thought they'd be, and luckily, my little gal was barely a bothersome passenger.  Except for the flight from Kansas to Dallas, she hung in there and mostly caught up on some skipped naps during the flights.  

I'm so glad we were able to get out of town for a bit and see some far-away family.  To quote my sister, it was good for the soul.  It also gave us a chance to experience a few days of true fall weather, which is in short supply round these parts (it's been at least 80° all week!).  

When we got back home, it was business as usual:  dinner and brunch with friends, snuggles from papa and lots of silly fun at home.  
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