Paris, I miss you

Monday, May 30, 2011

I was browsing through some blogs and came across this adorable, artsy and inspirational blog written by a San Franciscan in Paris. Her photos of Canal Saint Martin, pastries and bread from her local boulangerie and the marché all made me nostalgic for my former home. I browsed through some of my blog archives to relive a little bit of springtime in Paris, but it only made me long even more to be back in our old quartier.

I do love being back in Austin, but my heart is starting to understand the concept of being torn in two. I spent the past weekend relishing in family time - attending barbecue after barbecue with aunts and uncles and cousins and family. It's what I remember longing so much for when I was living in Paris and I felt so lucky to be here for all the fun this time. I've also been so happy to bounce around town, soaking up the Texas rays at the pool, catching up with friends over a margarita or Negra Modelo, knitting and learning so many new crafts with my über creative girl friends.

But, then there's Paris. In all it's gorgeous springtime glory. And, oh how I miss bike rides to the Eiffel Tower and picnics by the Seine and strolling from café to café and walking home from work with a perfect view on La Grande Dame de Paris! Of course, I miss my friends and family there, too and knitting nights and les happy hours. I wish I could be here and there all at once.

Did I mention that I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago? Perhaps that has something to do with all this nostalgic banter. I celebrated with fancy drinks, a lovely dinner and then crazy karaoke. I had so much fun and then woke up at noon the next day wondering how on earth I got through more than half of my twenties doing that same routine every weekend. I guess getting older is a lot about reflecting back and looking ahead at the same time, and I think that's the process I'm going through right now. I'm so excited about all the adventure of making a life and home here, and although I do find myself checking the rear-view every once in a while, I'm so happy to be living in the moment, bracing for what's next.

Some snippets from my birthday.

This time last pictures.


Kalee said...

I think it's okay to have more than one "home." With Gui's family living back in France, at least you know you'll go back again.

Animesh said...

Welcome to the 30s!

And Paris misses you too :).

missris said...

I am positively green with envy over the fact that you lived in Paris and are now in Austin (my hometown). Congrats on being back in the best place on earth!

PutYourFlareOn said...

It's lovely to catch up and I, too, understand the feeling of being torn in two. You have two homes now. Just make it a priority to come back to,your other home to visit often. :)

I hope the job search is going well. Sounds like you and Gui are busy. Busy is good! We miss you at knitting night and look forward to seeing you again SOON!


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