Soaking it all in

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Since making the decision to move back to Austin, it seems our time in Paris has been passing by at warp speed. There's much to do in the next few weeks in terms of packing and selling and shipping and moving, but there are also so many people we must spend time with and so many things we must do just one last time as bonafide residents. I doubt we'll check off all the once-more-before-leavings on our to-do list, but we'll be making every effort to soak as much up of this city and our friends and family as we possibly can for the next 22 days that we're in town.

Today, being a perfectly mild first day of Spring, we decided to spend some time in one of our favorite quartiers in Paris - the Marais. We rarely go there on any other day but Sunday because, honestly, it's where all the action is happening that could possibly happen on a Sunday in Paris. And, of course, everyone's favorite fallafel shop in the Marais is closed on Saturday, making Sunday the most obvious choice for a visit. Being the incredibly boring creatures of habit that we are, Gui and I have rarely strayed off from our L'As du Fallafel-followed-by-Pozetto routine, and aside from a slight detour in between the two, today was no exception.

After having our usual at L'As, we had a look in at the Salon du Vintage that was being held just down the street. The space was pretty small, so I was worried about getting in, but we happened to come at a very good time when the line was moving quickly and managed to get in practically right away. I was hoping to find a lovely dress or blouse to take home as a souvenir, but in the end, most everything I liked was too big. Still, there was loveliness all around, and I was especially impressed with the beautiful vintage furniture for sale. (If only I could take it with me!) Near the furniture was an odd collection of dressed up animal head mounts just asking to be photographed. I'm not sure if head mounts derive vintage status the same way clothing and furniture do, but I sure was happy to have stumbled upon the curious collection.

The rest of the day was pretty much routine: gelato and coffee at Pozzetto, a walk down rue Rivoli and a bus ride home along the quai, stopping at Place de la Concorde, Trocodéro and the Tour Eiffel. Regular Sunday stuff that won't be so regular soon.


Kalee said...

Those dressed up animals both crack me up and creep me out, all at the same time. I'm glad you're enjoying your last weeks in Paris! At least with Gui's family living there you know you'll be back for visits!

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Haha! Did you send a photo of the deer heads to Marie IMMEDIATELY? I want one. (Nico would kill me!)

Don't take any of your lazy Parisian sundays for granted! You're right that those are the things you'll miss the most! -- Only to be filled with new amazing Sundays, of course.

Anonymous said...

Oh this story is so bittersweet! Austin is also our pick for a city in Texas to return to...eventually we’ll have to come back home.

The mounts are fabulous. Now I know what to do with my Dad's when I inherit them one day!

Ashleigh said...

Omigosh...the decorated deer heads are hysterical!!!!!

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