Fun in the sun

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Since last Friday, the sun has been shining as bright as it ever has in Paris, and Gui and I have been taking full advantage of the beautiful weather all weekend.  Our friend, Juliet had the foresight to plan a barbecue on the most perfect day we’ve had all year, around which we gladly planned our weekend.  Our first stop on Saturday was at my favorite local marché (on Avenue Président Wilson).  Although Gui doesn’t agree with me, it totally beats out the Avenue Versailles marché which is held on Sundays and is about 15 minutes closer to our apartment.  It’s not like it’s really a “better” marché, but to me, it just seems more authentic…more “French.”  And, besides being fooled by fake farm-fresh eggs, the products just seem nicer – and the people do, too.

It was a perfect morning for some marché shopping, though, and after gathering all the necessities (and a few luxuries in the form of 50€/kg cheese), we hopped on a metro back home where I worked-up a batch of my mom’s version of my Aunt Mary’s potato salad.  We headed over to the barbecue as early as possible to take full advantage of the glorious sunshine and fresh green grass, which can be really hard to come by ‘round these parts.  Everyone was all laughter and smiles, and as delectable as the assortment of grilled burgers and American goodies was, the best part of the barbeque was easily the company.  Give us an imported barbecue grill, a plush, green yard, and lots of sunshine, and nothing can stop us from being the happiest people in Paris.

Yay sun!

Sunday gave us a few more clouds than Saturday, but Gui and I didn’t let them stop us from going through with our plans for a bike-ride to the Eiffel Tower.  It's been a long time since we've been bike-riding, and I've always wanted to see how long it would take to get to the Champs de Mars from our place, so Gui hopped on his bike (generously given to him by our friend Justin who returned to the States) and I rented a velib', and off we went! All I can say is, man, do I need to work out more!  The half-hour bike ride there tired me out a bit, but the crazy uphill ride back to our apartment is what really got me.  We took our time, though and enjoyed the spectacular views along the way.  There really is a magic in the Paris air during Spring, and it somehow just wipes the slate clean from the grim memories of a bitter winter.  Vive le soleil!


Crystal said...

aww great photos! I didnt even reaize you were taking photos at the bbq! It WAS a great weekend and I'm glad to see you profit-ed every minute!

P.S. Who's the hot chick in the blue tank top and sunglasses? ;)

Justin said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon to me ... but you linked to the wrong blog! I don't want 'that' Justin getting credit for my bike. :-)

DiaryofWhy said...

Ahh Paris. So glad you're blogging again; this post was just what I needed. (It snowed here today. SNOWED!! I wish I was kidding.)

misplaced texan said...

Whoops, sorry Justin!! Have no idea how that URL got in my head as yours, but it's not fixed! :)

DoW, I'm glad the photos could bring you back! Can't even believe it was snowing there...that's so wrong - it's nearly MAY! Stay warm!

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Yay!! It was a lovely weekend!! We will need it to hold us over next weekend when its RAINING. :( Booooooo.

Also, I was wondering about the Marche Versailles. It's like 2 blocks from my new apartment!

KEF said...

Awesome post and the photos make me miss Paris! So beautiful!

A few things....

I TOTALLY agree that the marché on Bl. Pres Wilson is the best. IN ALL of Paris. Seriously. Maybe it's because it was a nice break from the horrors of Apple at Place d'Iéna, but I absolutely love that one.

Also, biking is HARD! Good for you guys for doing it!

Kalee said...

Great photos! This looks fantastic and makes me miss Europe terribly. The market looks so welcoming and who doesn't love a picnic?

I'm hoping that my husband and I can finally get to Paris this fall after he learns a bit of French!

Ashleigh said...

Looks like a blast! Wish I was there! Hahaha...I know you are enjoying the sun in Paris as much as we finally are in says rain tomorrow, Friday and hoo

misplaced texan said...

KEF! I SO wish you were still here so we could go to the Wilson marché together during our lunch breaks!

Ashleigh, I think it's going to rain here this weekend, too, so we're soaking it up while we can! :)

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