It's still winter in Paris

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm starting to think that this blog would be better served as a seasonal project. Let's face it, taking my hands out of the warmth of my coat pockets to grab my camera for a photo-op is just not going to happen right now. And going outdoors for anything but a quick trip to the grocery store is kind of out of the question, which hopefully explains my lack interesting posts of late. I never knew the consequences of changing seasons, having lived in Texas or Southern California for all of my life, where flip-flops are always an acceptable shoe to wear no matter the time of year. But, that's not how it flies here. How crazy to think that something as simple as a drop in temperature can make the difference between having a social life and not having one. I suppose it doesn't help that right now the core of my responsibilities are hinged on the stock levels of our kitchen and the tidiness of our apartment. (We'll have to see what happens once I start working.)

The weekend is usually more promising in the social department, though, and Gui and I typically spend the two days with family or old friends. This past Sunday, we made it out to Marcq again and spent the afternoon drinking champagne by a roaring fire before devouring a tajine for lunch. It's so nice to be out of Paris, if only for a few hours. The residence there is still up for sale, and there have been a few interested buyers coming 'round, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Gui and I hit the lottery so we can buy it. It was bitingly cold on Sunday and before leaving Marcq, we talked about Monday's forecast for snow and ice. No doubt, Monday turned into a day of finishing up knitting projects at home.

A snowy Monday morning in Paris.

The thing is that once I'm outside, I'm good to go, so I just need something to kickstart me into motivating myself to leave the apartment. Something like a job or my craving for nachos, which is what's motivating me to get my butt out of the apartment and head for The Great Canadian Pub for dinner tonight. There really isn't anything better than the promise of a good meal to get me going.

Some pictures from Marcq
Don't let the sky fool you, it was an unbearably cold day.

Gui gathering some firewood.

Gui thinking he's a rough and rugged man for collecting such a big piece of wood.

I love this place.


Crystal said...

that house is so cute!

I know what you mean about going out in the cold though...i only go out because I have to work and take pinch for a pee. I can't wait to dig out the summer clothes and flip flops (which I LOVE)

missed you at starbucks on sunday!

Candy said...

dude! I LOVE that place!

Jim said...

I live in TX and enjoy your blog. We were visiting in Paris this week and we took a day trip to the Loire Valley on Sunday, and while I can't say it was the coldest I have ever been, it was extremely cold in those old, unheated castles. And the snow on Monday was beautiful - it at least finally warmed up a little on Monday - but we didn't have the appropriate footwear.

Now we're back in Richardson, and I went jogging after work in shorts and a t-shirt. But I'd still like to be back in Paris.

misplaced texan said...

Crystal, I missed y'all, too! We'll have to make another date sometime soon!

Jim, I've never been to the Loire Valley, but would love to visit someday. Paris is pretty enchanting, cold weather and all. I'm with you on the footwear thing, though - having never had to deal with walking in snow before moving here, I learned real quick that galoshes are your best friends (thank goodness they're also à la mode). Say hi to Texas for me!

Leesa said...

WOW! It looks sooo inviting. I LOVE the leather sofas. They must be so comfy that when you sit down you never want to get up!
We just got back from the Loire-- we stay at the cutest ever B&B in Cheverny, which is close to a lot of the chateaux... Come check my blog and also my travel blog- I've posted about it... Take care and stay warm... Leesa

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