Six things that make me happy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maybe it doesn't take a lot to make me happy, but for the past few days I've been finding myself quite content with a lot of things. We had dinner with Gui's dad the evening we got into town from La Rochelle. We were pretty pooped from the long drive and eventful weekend, but his dad insisted that we stop by for a quick dinner. We knew he had something up his sleeve, and shortly after we arrived, he handed us a box in a bag that contained these gorgeous knives.

He even had them engraved with our names on the blade, so we wouldn't have to share. Thank goodness, because you wouldn't believe how much dirtier Gui's knife is after eating than mine! They're absolutely beautiful and so sophisticated. We won't be eating with them daily - you're not supposed to wash the handle and they're just too fancy for the regular ol' meals we have around here. But, we'll be bringing them out for special occasions, for sure.

The Sunday chili I made had me all in smiles, too. We ended up eating it all throughout the day, polishing it off with a crisp cider while watching the Olympic games. I love chili, and this time I made it extra spicy which was so comforting on a gloomy Sunday.

I also finally whipped up some coleslaw, which I've been craving for weeks now. I couldn't believe how easy it was, nor how great it tasted!! Gui fell in love with coleslaw while living a summer in Texas and even he raved about it. I was happy to indulge, but much happier that I found another go-to recipe (I nixed the vegetable oil and added a little milk) to add to my personal repertoire.

I both smiled and grunted when I got this in the mailbox.

98% of our apartment is Ikea furniture, and our kitchen would be completely dysfunctional without the genius that is behind Ikea. We can never leave the store without a full basket of goodies for the house. Still, it makes me cringe that I didn't come up with the whole "build your own furniture" idea first.

My happy streak continued at the grocery store today, first when I spotted these:

And, then when I spotted this:

I've seen these corn tortillas before somewhere, but they must have been outrageously priced for me to have passed them up. Not this time! Now, enchiladas are on the menu for this week, so stay tuned!

And that strange cylindrical box is sodium bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda, which has been pretty hard to come by around these parts. I randomly walked by the salt section and saw this bright yellow thing reflected by the fluorescent lights and realized it was the golden ticket to the oatmeal cookies I've been wanting to try my hand at. I really hope it's the right stuff because I can't really understand any of the writing, which is in half Dutch, half French. If it is, it'll be more cause to keep smiling.


Pumpkin Pie said...

It is baking soda. I was told that you had to buy it in a pharmacy in France but never tried while living there. Luckily, I can find it in Switzerland in tiny packages.

misplaced texan said...

Hey, pumpkin pie! Thanks for clearing that up - I had Gui confirm it, too before I made any [more] disastrous creations. When I was searching the internet, I found that the whole pharmacy trip was no longer necessary and they in fact started selling baking soda in some supermarches and epiceries. Thank goodness!! I can't imagine having to go into a pharmacy to ask for it - it just seems wrong.

Emily Marie said...

Wow, it doesn't take much, does it! That chili looks so good, and oatmeal cookies?!!? When are you having me over for dinner?

misplaced texan said...

Yes, we need to have a dinner date soon! I'm a little scared to cook for Jerome, though...I hear he's a little picky. ;)

Josephine said...

Sarah: I love the knives too! Old El Paso corn tortillas will work for the enchiladas. We'll talk about the clothes and coats later. :)

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