French TV dinner

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our weekends are usually reserved for trips to the marché, occasional visits with family and evenings spent with friends, which is pretty much what we did this weekend. A friend of Gui's who lives south of Paris, stopped by on Friday evening for a no-nonsense pizza and beer dinner with us. Gui and I rarely go out in Paris at night - I think it's some kind of Parisian thing that keeps locals at home with friends, drinking, smoking and conversing in the comfort of a cozy Parisian apartment. But, we decided to be adventurous on this night, and after quickly skimming the internet for bars with cheap beer in Paris (I think the usually outrageous cost of drinks here contributes to the house-party phenomenon), we landed at a bar called The Wall in the 5eme, near the Pantheon and just off the beaten path of the lively Rue Mouffetard. There were several other bars in this little niche, but we wanted to test out our internet find to see if it really was a good place for cheap beer. It was. I had a couple of demi-pints for 3 euros a piece and Gui and his friend had a couple of 5-euro pints. We were really surprised to find beer - good beer even - at less than 7 euros a pint in a very busy night spot in Paris. Even their cocktails were reasonably priced between 5 and 6 euros. And, although we ran into a few strange folks (welcome to Paris by night), for the most part it was a mid/late-twenties crowd. On our metro ride home, we kept ourselves from falling asleep with entertainment like this:

Yeah, some creative guy is taking advantage of drunk late-nighters with a Mexican-inspired puppet show (it was Speedy Gonzalez). It was pretty hilarious actually.

I finally got to see the Luxembourg Garden on Saturday, which was really lovely. I also admired and took some pictures of the Pantheon, which I've sadly never visited. We set up a mini-picnic (well, hardly a picnic, just sauccisson) on a small patch of grass in the jardin and whiled the day away with some reading, music, crossword puzzles and obligatory people watching.

We got invited to dinner afterwards by our friend, Baptiste who wanted some company to watch some football games with. Football and food? So French. What's also so French is Baptisite. He still lives at home with his mom (but to be fair, he's also four years younger than Gui), and when he invited us to dinner, what he meant was that we would all hang out in the salon while his mom prepared the most amazing TV dinner ever. Who watches the game while eating a four-course meal? The French, that's who. And I'm not complaining.

My favorite salad.

TV dinner.

Mutton and finger-licking potatoes.

Fromage! (The 4th course was homemade ice cream, which I ate too quickly to take a picture of.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a trip down memory lane. Cool to see the puppet shows are still there on the metro. I did a tour in the Pantheon with a science foundation which was really interesting. And I've had a b'day picnic close to your spot of grass in the Jardin de Luxembourg.

Never had a friend's mum cook me a four course meal though - I am in envy. :-)

lulu said...

mmmm... that meal looks so good.
A puppet show on the metro. Sounds like a good song title. Maybe I will set one up here in Texas on a bus. Nah- everyone has guns here. ;P

Emily Marie said...

OMG, I have seen that puppet guy!! Only I was alone and as French people tend to ignore metro entertainment- I was the only one laughing.

Samantha said...

hey, those last park pictures are taken juste en bas de chez moi !!

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