Changing seasons

Monday, August 25, 2008

The days in Paris are changing. Darkness comes sooner and the sun less often these days, and everything from my eating and cooking habits to my wardrobe is slowly changing in preparation for the cooler Autumn weather. This has been my first summer in Paris, and although I've heard it hasn't been a particularly usual one, I found even the few days of heat were enough to make this Texas girl welcome these current changes with open arms.

It's really strange not to have a set schedule or routine everyday, but I somehow feel like I have things to do that fill up my day. Really, besides grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking (omg, I've really become a desperate housewife - someone save me!) my days are pretty much up to me to spend as I choose. Last week, I applied to a handful of jobs for English-speaking positions, but it's just a start. I also sent off an application for volunteer work, but shouldn't expect to hear anything until mid-September. It's still not the best time to be on the hunt for a job in Paris; people are just now returning to work from vacances as Summer comes to an end.

Thanks to my blog, I've been really glad to have made a few friends that have a little time on their hands, too. It's so great to know and talk to people who've gone through and are still going through all the same things I'm going through. Plus, it's always more fun to bounce around Paris on a rainy day indulging in Mexican food, free ice cream and witnessing the occasional apartment fire with others.

Chicken burrito at El Sol y La Luna (too bad it wasn't related to the restaurant on S. Congress of the same name...migas, por favor)

A fire in the 6eme.

Emily seems to be enjoying the spectacle, but rest assured she's really just in awe at seeing her first apartment fire in Paris. We were all kinda weirded out.

Gelato in the rain with Sam & Emily. Thanks to Monsieur Lebovitz, we scored free gelato at this new gelateria.

The nougat flavor (I think called toroncino or something) was TO DIE FOR.

I'm really looking forward to what changes Fall and Winter will bring me. I'm excited about working here for the first time, meeting more great people and seeing some familiar faces in my neck of the woods. A dear friend of mine who I'd lost touch with over the years is planning to make her way over in the new year and I'm hoping by then my life will be sorted out a bit more, or at least aiming in some sort of direction. I know I've got to be patient and determined during my job search, so I've been taking it seriously without putting too much pressure on myself. I am, however, considering taking the advice of others who've been in my shoes and am keeping myself open to the idea of teaching English either as an assistant, private tutor or babysitter. There really are more opportunities for that type of work with my native-English skills, and working a part-time schedule will allow me to continue French classes, even give me time to volunteer. But as eager as I am to work, for now I'm not complaining about my free time that I know I'll miss when the reality of a true work day finally slaps me in the face.


Emily Marie said...

OMG I look more excited about the fire than the ice cream!!

lulu said...

eeeek! Fall in Paris. Blog all about it sista.

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

You are in COATS!! OMG! What the hell am I going to do???? Oh a new coat! Hooray!

Can I just say I LOVE house fires. It's totally sick, but I've always thought they were so amazing. You long as no one dies and stuff.

Yu Ming Lui said...

What a day you had! Glad you are making friends in Paris.

Yeah, I think in a country like France, it's best you nail the language first before attempting more lucrative jobs. Teaching English could be quite fun and I'm sure volunteering would be very fulfilling.

All the best :-)

Anonymous said...

that's NOT very cool, taking pictures of people's apt going up in flames. not cool.

misplaced texan said...

edmundchristian: Luckily, I wasn't really going for "cool" when I took the pictures; it was more like "oh, wow, a fire in a Paris chambre de bonne. What a random spectacle we're witnessing." And I'm glad I didn't hesitate to capture it to share.

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