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Sunday, July 20, 2008

When Gui's mom was over for dinner on Friday, she talked about a super easy chocolate cake that sounded delectable. I eagerly asked her to email me the recipe, and this afternoon I received an email from her with only this in the body:


4 personnes:
4 eggs, 75g sugar, 100 g black chocolate
100g butter ( 10g for the mould ), 55 g flour ( 10 g for the mould)

oven : 210

Now, that's what I call simple. I'll give it a try and post about how it turns out - looks like I'll be figuring a lot out on my own.


Samantha said...

that's my basic french brownie/cake recipe - it's true, it really doesn't get any easier than that! plus if you put it into individual cups and cook it a bit less, you can turn it into a moelleux au chocolat!!

misplaced texan said...

samantha: No way! That's awesome. Well, now that it's a twice-confirmed, tried-and-true recipe, it's going in the oven this week! And I love moelleaux au chocolat, so must make a run for some baking cups. Thanks for the idea!

Samantha said...

No prob - a couple serving suggestions: if I do a moelleux au chocolat, I sprinkle powdered sugar on it; if I do just regular brownie version, I serve it with crème anglaise.

lulu said...

Do you have to add the 4 people in the recipe?

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