Monday, May 12, 2008

So, I've started a list. A list of things I must bring back from Texas. They mostly consist of sauce or other bottled and jarred goods that I can't easily (or cheaply) get here and that I'm already starting to miss or know it's only a matter of time. Besides the few bottles of yellow mustard (a la French's), peanut butter (especially with honey) and BBQ sauce, Guillaume and I are hoping to pick up a few household items we can't find here (or can't find cheaply). Most important, and perhaps most interesting on that list is the Roomba, which is sold in France, but for the not-so-bargain price of 300Euros (that's like $450!!). I've seen them as cheap as $200 at Target, and I hear Costco has 'em even cheaper. We'll have to find a plug converter, but I think it'll be worth saving a couple hundred bucks to get it in the States. I think every single friend we have owns a Roomba or two, so we know it's tried and tested. I just hope we don't get stopped at customs!


Candy said...

ROOMBA?? Are you kidding me? I don't see the point if you only have a small place, but whatever floats your boat. And as far as cleaning wary. I have recently switched over to using vinegar and water for just about everything... no toxic chemicals or ingredients - which WILL be important when my nieces and nephews start coming out of the woodwork!

Misplaced Texan said...

The Roomba's perfect for us because it's small...we don't have a ton of room for a big vacuum cleaner and stuff, and we can use it everyday. Oh, and I bought some eco-friendly cleaning stuff today, but yeah, I want to switch to homemade stuff too. And don't be counting my chickens before they hatch!! ;)

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

DUDE. Bertrand has a barely used one in his house. We'll pack it in his container and you can have it in July. SERIOUSLY. Also... I fully intend to pack a cash of "Texas Traditionals" when I move this summer. Make a list! We'll figure out how to get it there!

Misplaced Texan said...

Sweet! I'll take it! ;)

Candy said...

check your ecofriendly products on and research specific ingredients here:

I was SHOCKED at my "eco-friendly" products in my house still actually contain some ingredients that are attributed to allergies and some carcinogens. Too many people/companies are throwing out the words "all natural" and "organic" when they might not be. One example is the Method products from Target. Another GREAT resource that I run all of our cosmetic/personal use items by to check is:

you should check it out! :) ok, this should've been in a email, not a comment. sorry :)

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