Becoming the domestic goddess I never dreamed of becoming

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I’m ironing my dishcloths. Oh, and my bath towels, too. It’s not very common for people here to own dryers. We don’t even have a dedicated space or plug for one in our apartment. So, instead of throwing all my wet linens and things into the dryer so they can be all warm and fuzzy before I put them away, I have to carefully hang it all on a drying rack (which is currently in the middle of our living room) and wait a day or so for it to be crispy dry. And, I do mean crispy. Who wants to bundle up with a stiff, scratchy blanket or dry off with a rough, hard towel? Not me. So, to smooth everything out a bit, I’ve taken to ironing my stuff after it’s dried – a little tidbit I learned, courtesy of Gui’s mom. I always wondered why she ironed his towels and socks and sheets. I just figured she was being your typical French mother from Italian descent. Now, I get it.

Doing all this ironing has got me thinking. Well, thinking about ironing. I don’t mind ironing. It’s a bit annoying at the moment because we don’t have a proper ironing board and I don’t really have a system down yet for the laundry. But, I figured out why people like me and my sister don’t mind ironing so much. It’s a really great opportunity for us to be in complete control of something in every way. So much so that we can achieve utter perfection in our end result. It’s not often that perfectionists get to where they want to be, but when you have a steaming iron in your hand and a wrinkled dishcloth in front of you, there’s nothing keeping you from making it into the perfect, wrinkle-free linen you desperately want it to become.

I’m sure this all sounds a little strange, but I’ve really thought about it. And it makes sense – at least to me. But, as much as I’m enjoying achieving perfection and all, I’m surely not made for all housewife-ish duties. I don’t particularly enjoy doing the dishes, the laundry, sweeping or mopping. I enjoy cooking, but we haven’t done so much of that lately since we’re not doing much grocery shopping until after we get back from Texas. And, I like grocery shopping, but like I said… So right now, at least until we get back from vacation and I start taking my French classes, I’ll have to be satisfied with being a desperately-wishing-to-not-be-a-desperate-housewife housewife in France.


lulu said...

Don't forget that it is instant gratification. lol

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

I've never been fond of ironing, but I have a certain affinity for getting on my hands and knees to scrub the floor. It makes me feel good to know FOR SURE that my floor is clean enough to eat off of. Mind you, it doesn't happen that often, so don't come over here tryin' to eat my Doritos what I'm savin' for later!

candy (your sister!) said...

OMG! I can't wait to see you and gui in all of your "unwrinkled-ness"! Yes, when i wanna get away from the kids and the chaos, i just go into my master closet, shut the door and listen to the quiet calming steam of the iron. I LOVE favorite household chore by FAR!

JV said...

My how things really repeat themselves. I remember ironing my brother's diapers, no, not disposables, cloth and secretly (not anymore) I love ironing my pillowcases for all my pillows. Oh, as a matter-of-fact, I LOVE ironing, I wish I had more time to do it! :) Iron on my little one, Iron on! One day you will look back on these days and smile upon them. Love, Mama

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