Une bonne journée

Monday, December 17, 2007

Today we spent some time at the Musee d'Orsay's exhibition of Gustave Courbet. It was my first trip to a museum during this visit to Paris, and I was glad to finally check something out. The artwork of Courbet was decidedly nothing overly-impressive, but there were a few notable pieces, one of which I can't get my hands on in the form of a print or postcard anywhere, which is driving me crazy. I'm not a fan of landscape or animal art, but the portraits and nudes that Courbet created are worth taking a look at, especially his most scandalous piece (click with caution). I like someone who isn't afraid to paint what he likes, to create art that shocks and makes people squirm. After all, what's art if it doesn't provoke an unusual emotion?
So, after the exhibition, we headed back home, but not before making a quick, unscripted stop to LeNôtre, which happened to be on the way. This patisserie is not like the others - it's wonderfully posh and every little grain of sugar is perfectly placed on each delectable treat. Guillaume came away with a meringue with chantilly which was superb! And, Gui's mom and I had a nougatine cup full of rich chocolate, topped with a chocolate truffle and crispy square. It was divine!

A perfect little, gloomy, freezing day spent in Paris.

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