Margot & moi

Saturday, December 22, 2007

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of babysitting Guillaume's second-cousin, Margot, while her parents worked and Guillaume went off for a job interview. She's such a sweet girl, and I realized there is definitely a difference between little girls and boys. I don't have any little girls in my family, so it was a new, but very fun, experience watching Margot for a day. We started off with a chilly (and short) walk outside after breakfast, and spent the rest of the day playing, dancing and reading with a short nap in-between. Guillaume came back after her nap, but after a few minutes of playing, he caught-up on some sleep himself. We had a fun day, but she sure was pooped by the time her papa came home.


Candy said...

she is so cute!! how old is she?? i am sure N&W would love to meet her!

lulu said...

oh how cute!!!! Look at those eyes!

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