What I'm going to miss: Version 2.0

Friday, November 9, 2007

So, before I left to California I posted this entry about the things I'd miss while I was away from Texas. This newer version is definitely expanded, since so many little things I take for granted will surely be difficult or impossible to find when I'm abroad. These are just the material things...of course my family and friends are implicitly what I'll miss most while I'm gone!

1) Mom's home-cookin' - be that roast, enchiladas, rice, chalupas, or chicken salad, there's nothing that tastes quite as good as when mom makes it!

2) Driving - even though I won't miss traffic or driving to work during rush hour, I think I'll miss the control that I feel when I'm driving my car; it's almost like that freedom to escape...just get in your car when you feel like it and drive wherever you want to go.

3) Breakfast tacos

4) Wearing flip flops any time of the year - I know you can't do that everywhere here, but you surely can in LA and Austin!

5) American reality TV - especially the really geeky stuff like The Bachelor or SYTYCD

6) Knowing where to find what I need - out of shave gel? gotta go to Target! need some pasta? taking a trip to HEB or Trader Joe's!

7) Fast food - I know I'm going to be living in, arguably, the best city for food in the world, but sometimes all a girl needs is a nice taco combo from Taco Cabana, a biggie-sized chili from Wendy's or a strawberry limeade from Sonic!

8) Friendly people - France (especially Paris) doesn't exactly have a medal for being home to the most approachable people.

...... I'll post more as I think of them!

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