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Sunday, July 8, 2007

So, Gui and I checked out the Transformers movie today after hearing Melynda rave about it, and we were suprisingly surprised at how good it was! Of course it has its cheesy parts, but how can you possibly make a movie from an 80's-inspired action figure without a little cheesiness? There was more violence than I would normally like to see, but it all suited the movie well, and kept my full attention the entire time. The violence, however, would be a little much (in my opinion) for a kid under 7 or 8, but the effects are really cool. The storyline's not bad either, and it always helps to have a little comedy with so much action going on. So, my final review is 4 out of 4 stars for the movie!


Candy said...

thanks. guess i know the answer to "can't we take nathan to see it?" sorry, dave!

Anonymous said...

yeah- nathan will learn to lubricate people. : )


Anonymous said...

HAHA! I was the same way. Zak wanted to see it really bad and it got all this hype, so I gave in and saw it. The action was awesome, the acting was really good, the effects were amazing and it totally surprised me. It's one of my fav movies now. LOL!!! My only complaint is we got 1 hot guy in the movie who isn't even super hot (guy from Las Vegas/Fergie's beau) and the guys got 2 insanely hot chicks. Did you know that brunette girl is Brian Austin Green's fiancé and she's only 21??? Anyway, I thought the worst part for kids was the sexual innuendo (sp?) and language. Although I started watching sexual, violent Freddie Kruger movies at the age of like 5. HAHA!!! Times do change.

-Yari :)

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