Under the weather

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Around 10 this morning, during the midst of my daily work routines, I started feeling really weak, lightheaded and achy. The rest of the day was a struggle, but I made it through and came home to a long nap. I just woke up to find my honey cleaning the dishes and snacking for dinner. He brought me some water while I was napping, so I can stay hydrated, but a long nap definitely helped tremendously! Tomorrow, I'm going to Beverly Hills for a meeting, so I hope I'm feeling back to myself by then! I just can't wait for my insurance to kick in...I'm in desperate need of new contacts and glasses, not to mention how helpful it'll be to have a primary doctor for days like this!

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Candy said...

oh i am sorry you're not feeling good. thanks, gui for taking care of my sis. :) get better soon!

ps...beverly hills sounds like paradise right now....i'll go for you if you can watch my kids?!

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