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Thursday, June 7, 2007

So, after Irisa came and went, the Frenchies arrived in LA! We've been hosting them for a couple of weeks now, and it's been a blast, but a little exhausting. Guillaume's dad came first, and he had a really good time, visiting (as tourists might) a couple of museums, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and had a nice little taste of Orange County and Long Beach. He left us with smiles and thank yous and told us more than once he had a really good visit. It was really nice to hear since we're so new at this whole "hosting people in a new city" thing.

Anto, Sev & Baptiste are visiting now and I like to think they're having equally as much fun as Gui's dad had. Since my days off or usually during the week, I've been able to hang out with them and come along on some of their excursions, too. Most notable on our list of places-visited is Venice Beach, which was beautiful and incredibly odd at the same time. It's home to "Muscle Beach," which allowed our eyes the pleasure of witnessing this insanity. Unfortunately, I was only able to snap this bright picture before my eyes couldn't take it any longer.
The city itself is really very nice, with the canals running through neighborhoods much like they do in Venice, Italy. The houses, of course are gorgeous, which brought about repeated oohs and aahs from us as we walked around. It was a little too chilly for us to make it a tanning day, but we enjoyed some grub at a nice sidewalk cafe, took tons of pictures and browsed the racks of clothes on the sidewalk sales along the path. It was a fun day!
The rest of the past week or so has been full of sun - I visited Laguna Beach, which is DEFINITELY all (and more) it's cracked up to be! Guillaume and I have also converted from Astros to Angels fans (sorry mom & Joe) and we had a chance to go to a game while Gui's dad was visiting. It was good time, and the hotdogs and peanuts were the perfect touch!! We've also been keeping busy at our neighborhood bar and played a game of miniature golf just before the french three-musketeers headed out to San Fran for the weekend. They'll be back next week, though, so more pictures and adventures are sure to come! For now, here are a few pics from Venice Beach, hanging out at our place, and the Angels game. Enjoy!

I finally found a fatburger, but didn't stop since we'd already eaten :( We're planning a trip soon, though, so fear not, Can! :)


Candy said...

man, i miss anaheim! i have to admit i converted to both Angels and Chargers fan while livin' it up in Cali...i want an ANGELS cap like that red one in the pic! TOO CUTE!! :)

Sarah said...

That's actually Baptiste's cap (he bought it at Sport Chalet), but I ALMOST stole it from him. Maybe since you've been a good sister this year, Santa will bring you one for Christmas (in July). :)

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