What I miss - revisited

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nearly 2 months ago, I posted an entry in my blog about what I predicted I'd miss most when I moved to LA. I figured it was about time for me to reflect on what I predicted and what I really miss most while living here. So, here's my list - reorganized a bit:

(1) 1. ALL OF MY FRIENDS & FAMILY HERE Definitely still first on my list! Miss y'all!

(2) 12. Brunches with my girl-friends that last 8 hours and the all-you-can-drink mimosas Taverna naively offers us. (Thanks, Gladys.) I didn't think I'd miss these as much as I do...I really REALLY miss these little brunches! And, it doesn't help that there are tons of amazing places to brunch around here!

7. Josie's Enchiladas from Maudie's - I'll have to find a replacement in SoCal Still no SoCal substitution!

5. Strolling along South Congress on the weekends As much as I love strolling along the beach, this weekend-after-brunch ritual is definitely missed; so are the pitchers at Doc's and the Negra Modelos at San Jose Hotel! Mmmmm....

9. Being a native (no, not a Native American...being a native of the city I live in). It's always fun to be the tour guide for folks new to town, so I'm going to have to learn to turn the tables and open myself up to a new city It's definitely a drawback to be a newbie to the area, and discovering a new city is much harder than I suspected it would be.

8. Randomly running into old friends and making new ones every single day It just makes it a little easier when you see a familiar face.

4. SXSW, ACL Fest, Bob Marley Fest, Harley Fest, Marathons (though not the traffic they create) So, I don't quite miss these, yet. There's plenty going on here...loads of concerts and big events going on all the time...but I'll be a little sad when ACL Fest comes around and I don't have a plane ticket to Austin!

10. Trudy's What I'd DO for a mexican martini and some nachos!

3. Kind-hearted Austinites - a group of us went to lunch today and there was a couple seated at the only big table in the restaurant, when only two-seat tables were available, so when they noticed our dilemma, they voluntarily decided to switch tables mid-meal...this doesn't just happen anywhere, people. People have been pretty nice here, for the most part, so I've been happy with that. :)

2. Seeing burnt orange at every turn
Hmm...don't miss this one as much as I anticipated! Hehee.

6. Texas license plates & bumper stickers (my favorite shown here). California plates are quite cool, with all their weird personalizations.

11. The Drag Although nothing can replace the Drag, 2nd street in Belmont Shores comes quite close!


Irisa said...

It's tough I know...but after living there for a while, you'll probably love Cali more than ever and know all the in's and out's like you do for ATX.

We are all gettin' together tomorrow for the DeLa Hoya fight at Yari's and then a BBQ for Melynda's graduation on Sunday...not to mention steaks tonight at Melynda's as well...It just won't be the same without you! But we'll say a toast in your honor! :)

goldfishwars said...

Hello - I enjoyed reading your blog.

A & I Til I Die! said...

austin is the same wihthout you! we miss sarah.


Sarah said...

I'm definitely jealous that y'all are getting together for steaks, the fight and melynda's party!!!!! Be sure to take TONS of pics for me OK???? And send them by next week. Definitely do a toast for me and Gui & I will do one for y'all! Miss you!!

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