Picture Post

Monday, May 7, 2007

After realizing how highly-demanded my pictures were (heheh), I decided to post a few to appease the crazed papparazzi! Here are the only pics of me (that I don't think I've posted) that I've had taken so far since I've been here...they're pretty random, but we'll work out some poses for future photoshoots. :)

On the way to the Beach

A random shot by Guillaume

Cute pasty boy...on his way to get a tan!

My best Blue-steal pose

Taking a stroll along the beach

Aren't we "Cool as Ice"?

Please don't make fun of my hair...it was windy, OK?

As you can see, I'm the photographer in this household.

Man, I've had that compact for years! The mirror's so great, though.

Glad to see this here ... too bad no Fireman's 4 in sight.

Our best homeade meal so far! ;)


Candy said...

dude i LOVE those cute dangly ball earrings in the cool as ice pic, love the TX flag on the fridge and LOVE the hot tea set on your shelf there...your place look so beachy cool with the white cabinetry! oh and didn't i give you that compact?

Sarah said...

Thanks (times 3)!! It's not all that beachy...it's a little stuffy, and very tiny actually, but it works for us. And, yes, I thought about mentioning that you gave me that compact in the blog. I still use some of the copper eyeshadow in it, too! I'm about to put some use to that tea-set (which you also gave me).

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