My new favorite treat

Friday, May 25, 2007

During a quick trip to Target, I scooped up a jar of Nutella, then made my way to Trader Joe's where I came across some fresh and very cheap strawberries. I didn't realize that I'd found my newest favorite delight until I came home to savor the creation. It totally happened by accident, but I can't stop thinking about it!! The best part is that when I came home, I checked my Trader Joe's receipt before throwing it out and realized they didn't even charge me for the very sweet strawberries!! I feel a little guilty, but I figure it's just karma for all those times I've reminded people that they forgot to charge me for something or gave me too much change. It pays sweetly to be honest!


Candy said...

DUH! We ALWAYS have Nutella in our pantry!! It's yummy on King's Hawaiian bread too! David's mom introd it to us WAAAAY back in the day.

PS my mouth was literally watering up at that In-n-Out shot from your other post! Dang, i can just taste it now! Miss those burgers.

Anonymous said...

Man, it tastes better without the bread! H x

Candy said...

agree with anonymous' comment. oh yeah, and you're in CALI...there's NO excuse for not using organic strawberries. do it, girl!

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