It's gonna be a busy month

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Guillaume reminded me today that we're going to have a full house this month! Starting with Irisa's visit on the 15th, we'll be accommodating someone in our apartment until the 17th of June! After Irisa heads back home on the 21st, Baptiste (who visited Texas last year) will be arriving on the 24th, Guillaume's dad to arrive on the 25th, then Anto & Sev (who also visited Texas last year) will be arriving on the 28th! I hadn't realized how fast-approaching these very exciting visits were, and I feel a little unprepared. We're still living without a proper sofa and a very bad TV connection (although, I'm doubtful anyone will be looking forward to spending their summer vacations miles away from home, watching TV), not to mention no sort of daily routine set-up, yet! No matter, it will still be very exciting (albeit a little crowded) to have some familiar faces around our new 'hood.

So, the score is Guillaume - 4, Sarah - 1. Where are all my friends at? You KNOW I got him beat, so get your arses over here! ♥


Candy said...

i'm trying! with just the boys and me that could even the score up 4 all!

Sarah said...

YEEHAW! Come on over...we'll even let you have our room (which is the size of the boys' bathroom, hehehe).

Irisa said...

Hahaha...make sure you got that blow up bed for me! Haha...can't wait to see ya'll! YEAA! :)

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