California knows how to party

Friday, May 25, 2007

Well, at least Texans know how to party in California. So, as everyone knows, Irisa made her way west last weekend to spend some time with me (and Guillaume and Scott, I guess). We had such a blast and were able to visit all the touristy places that I'd still not checked out. Gui and I ended up benefitting more than we expected from Irisa's visit, making friends with Scott and his buddies who live just down the coast in Huntington Beach. To sum up Irisa's visit, we visited Burbank where all the TV shows are made, tried to see a taping of Ellen, but settled for watching half of the show from backstage and dancing with the star (so neato!!), sat in the audience of a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping, took a walk around the Walk of Fame and Kodak Theater, had some drinks at Beauty Bar, made many visits to our local dive bar, watched the Spurs make it to the Finals with our fellow Texas fans, took a trip to the beach and the local museum, ate some delicious food at our fave PF Chang's in Beverly Center (where all the stars shop, apparently), did a bit of shopping (for Irisa, of course), and had an all-around good ol' time with a good ol' friend! It was definitely nice to have a little bit of home around for a while. Thanks for coming, Irisa!!!!! Now, it's Gui's turn to host some visitors - Baptiste arrived last night, his dad comes in tonight and Anto & Sev will arrive tomorrow!! This should be interesting!

Here are a few shots from the good times from last week/weekend.

My best friend has arrived...

Yep, IN & OUT...yummy.

PF Chang's for a little birthday dinner.

Irisa treated me to a mani at Beauty Bar (she got one, too!)

Look at those nice nails!

New friends of mine. :)

Couldn't resist.

Doesn't he look just like Gui?


Guillaume was getting into the basketball spirit.

Scott & Sonny...our new friends in HB.

Mm Hmmm...

Scott's sexy pose...the Spurs play SEXY basketball!

New friends!!

Old friends!!

Chillin' with Scottness.

Love this pic!

Hook 'em (where are the horns?)!

Red Room!


This pose is getting old. ;)

On our way to the Ellen Show!

Posing in the kids' department. Dorks.

Waiting for my discount :)

Doin' it the Cali way. Fun times!


Irisa said...

Haha...yes...good times indeed...Hope you all are having fun with EVERYONE else now...I am sure it's been quite busy...good thing I was the FIRST! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awww... y'all are too cute! Glad you had a great time girlies!


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