Sunday, April 1, 2007

Our newest delightful discovery in our lovely LBC neighborhood is the trendy new Pinkberry that recently opened up in the area. I was told that it's a local favorite (by local, I mean born in L.A.) that keeps the crowds coming in droves, so I was a little worried about getting in and out. To my surprise, it wasn't crowded at all, and we were able to find a table and 3 chairs to sit and enjoy our pleasantly tasty yogurt (and smoothies for Gui & Albert). There was an interesting sign on the door that forbade photography in the store, so here's a picture that I found online of what these little yogurt delights look like. I got the original with mango and bananas...YUM! (P.S. Yes, that's Cap'n Crunch! They have all kinds of goodies to choose from.)


Irisa said...

Yummmy! It's no Amy's...but I guess it'll do. ;-)

Sarah said...

Yes, it's on a completely different level than Amy's...definitely no substitution. It's real frozen yogurt and real fruit...simple enough, but so freakin' delicious! I guess you'll just have to come visit to try it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cap'n Crunch??? that's freakin' awesome! I bet that would just tear the roof of your mouth up like crazy though. heheheh..

you better send pics of more restaus... what's this whole.. no pictures inside crap??? oh that's so cali.. heheheh


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