Never in my life

Monday, April 30, 2007

Never have I ever paid so much for a tank of gas!
(Yes, that's $49.11 USD for 14 gallons of gas!)

Before I moved to California, people warned me that it's much more expensive to live here, but when I first got here there were no real noticeable differences in price; apartment prices were comparable to those in Austin (the most expensive city to live in in Texas besides Dallas), clothes and shoes were about the same, and even drinks often cost as little as $3.00 a pint. After living here for a month now, I've realized that grocery shopping is a bit more pricey (there ain't no HEBs here, that's for sure), and our fave past-time, eating out, is definitely more expensive - even for fast food! Not to mention that I took a pay-CUT to get closer to my dream-job, and Gui isn't exactly rolling in the dough as an intern. So, paying nearly $50 every week for gas is certainly a set-back and not something I'm looking forward to as gas prices are getting ready to sky-rocket for the summer! Even worse, starting mid-June I'll be driving 3x further than I am now!! It's all a bit scary, but definitely aroused my usually tepid interest in hybrids!


Irisa said...

Gosh, that is FREAKIN' RIDICULOUS! I guess you and I can just try to walk everywhere we go? Hahaha...I filled up my tank yesterday too...I usually pay $20...and it was $26....gotta love Ford Escorts! ;-)

Candy said...

dude update your blog already!

Candy said...

it's been days!

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