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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I posted a comment on my sister's blog to a post she made (it won't let me link the post, so see April 9th) about voting for the next president. After typing it, I thought it worthy of a post on my blog. Let me just be clear that my thoughts are that you don't have to separate your religious views with your political beliefs, but political beliefs should be such that they provide for the common good of the world. Anyway, I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I welcome any responses you might have.
Woohoo! Obama ‘08!! Thanks, Irisa. I think with making a choice on who we elect to the presidency is all about prioritizing what is the most important issue to us personally and as a country at the moment we cast our votes. As important as pro-life choices are to me, I must say that abortion rights is not the most dangerous and globally important issue facing our country at the moment. It’s so important to remember that the presidency does not involve legislation, so if we want to change abortion laws we need worry about electing officials that can actually change the law AND answer directly to the people - legislators (aka Congress)! So, write your senator and become involved in state elections if you want to change the law on abortion, but be socially and ethically responsible by electing a president that can truly change the sad state of this nearly god-forsaken country - for us and our children.

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