Heading to the O.C.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

For business and other reasons, my training for work will be relocating to the South Coast Plaza store in Costa Mesa. I'm excited about reducing my commute by half and training at a much smaller and less-hectic store, but I'll admit I'm a little sad to leave Beverly Hills after such a short stay. The Beverly Center has been a neat experience, though, and both Guillaume and I were able to exlplore Beverly Hills (including Melrose & Sunset Blvds) a bit, too. We'll definitely be back, especially when Irisa comes, to dabble in the abundant night-life and various eateries around there. I'm glad I've had the chance to get to know the place a little. Guillaume and I, however, share separate views on the people and community there; while I'd love to live in such a happening and bustling area of LA, he prefers the laid-back, slow-moving and easy-going environment in Long Beach. As much as I love Long Beach and living here, while I'm young, I think a place like Beverly Hills could offer the fun, entertainment and culture (not to mention shopping!) that I want to be a part of before I get too grown-up. Long Beach very much reminds me of Austin, which is really great, but before I left Austin I always pictured myself living in a bigger city before returning to settle in my hometown with a family (with or without kids). Although the LBC is much larger than Austin, it still has the same quaintness and charm that Austin has, so I feel like I'm still in a big-small, hip town. It'll be nice to finally get a chance to experience that hustle and bustle once I make the move to the Hollywood Hills in September, I just hope I'm not disappointed. For now, I'll enjoy my time near the beach and in walking-distance to my favorite coffee shop, bar and pizza joint. Oh, and this nice French wine that Gui picked up at Trader Joe's for a measly 6 bucks!


Candy said...

i LOVE SoCo plaza. I used to work at the Loft there for a while when they were having me rotate stores. You will DIE when you walk in and see all the great stores and shopping. That's where i first tasted Wahooz and CPK. MMmmmmmmmmm!

Sarah said...

Yeah, SoCo Plaza was the first mall i ever went to when i came to california...i had to buy a jacket for an interview! i actually bought it from our #1 competitor (Zara), but our store wasn't open then, so I had an excuse! Did you know they also have a Z-tejas Grill there?? I think I may have found the closest thing to Austin-Mex food in SoCal!! But, the store we're at is really cute and boutique-y...the mall is so big that there are 2 of our stores in the same place...one across the street from the other...it's really pretty nice. Louis V., D&G, Gucci & Charles David are all across the hall from us...neato mosquito! ;)

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