Adventures in Paris, part 1

Friday, July 22, 2016

The thing about vacationing in Paris is that we spend a large part of our time catching up with friends and family that we don't always have time to completely enjoy some of our favorite parts of the city. We usually stay with family just outside the périphérique and spend a good deal of time in the car going around to see people and getting back to the suburbs for moments in-between. So, this time around, we decided to stay in a hotel right in the middle of Paris instead of outside the city center with family. This way, we were really able to take advantage of our down time by catching up with our people in Paris and being a short metro ride away from the home-base (which turned out to be really convenient at nap time). 

A night in Nîmes

Sunday, July 17, 2016

So, we decided to head back to Paris a little earlier than planned, in case Avienne's stomach bug turned out to be something more. She wasn't feeling so hot when we set out, so after a quick lunch in Nice, we drove a few more hours to spend the night in Nîmes. 

Like many towns in the south of France, Nîmes is an old Roman colony, and we definitely caught an Italian vibe from the little time we spent roaming the streets. Avienne was pretty tired when we arrived in the early evening, so we didn't stray far from our hotel, and only went out for a carousel ride, a quick drink and some dinner. The town is really festive, and although there were probably more people out than usual for the France v. Germany game, the streets were so lively and crowded.

Saint Cézaire in the summer

Saturday, July 9, 2016

We’re in France for a couple of weeks, making our way around to see family in the south and bouncing around Paris for the rest of our time here. We were in Paris for Christmas last year, but it feels like such a different place in the summer than in winter. It’s been a year since were last in the south of France, and as usual, it’s all pretty much awesome in the summer.

For the last few days, we’ve been staying on the Côte d’Azur at Guillaume’s grandparents’ property in the tiny town of Saint Cézaire-sur-Siagne. It’s a picturesque French village, reminiscent of that little town Henri describes in one of Avienne’s favorite books, Henri's Walk to Paris (although, I’ve never actually seen a bus come through this place).

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