Avienne turns FOUR!

Monday, June 27, 2016

It's the same record in rotation here...how did four years pass by so quickly? But, while I feel the speed of it all, it also kind of feels like we've lived four lifetimes since our wide-eyed baby bird flew into our nest and made her presence known to all.

Avienne is the embodiment of a people-person, affectionately greeting familiar faces with bear hugs and constantly posing questions about the lives of her friends and how she can possibly make more time to see them. She loves so fiercely, so genuinely that the thought of her heart one day breaking makes me want shield her from the world forever. But she is as strong as she is loving and won't shy away from showing her strength if she has been wronged.

Right now, she is enjoying writing letters and adding numbers together using her fingers. Still as curious as ever, she questions everything, which can be such a test of patience for me (and the best reminder to slow things down) when I'm battling traffic in the car or rushing to get out the door in the morning. I love seeing her mind work through ideas and grasp new concepts, almost like a light switch being turned on, so it's always worth slowing down or being a little late.

For her birthday, despite our offers to celebrate at some of her favorite Austin venues, she asked to have something at home. With our vacation starting the same week, there was neither enough time nor energy to plan a big party with all her friends, so we kept it real simple. She woke up to a room full of pink and gold balloons, ate four different types of donuts (just pieces of them!), was treated to a hot cocoa at her favorite coffeeshop and then enjoyed her first movie experience with her best friend. We had lunch and cake at home with Grammy and Popo, afterwards and opened some very pink & Peppa Pig-centric gifts from some of her favorite people. ;) 

We all went to bed with full hearts, smiling faces and sugar-filled bellies in honor of a fabulous four year old who makes our lives so much sweeter. 

Still half asleep, but in need of all the donuts!

Breakfast #2.

Finding Dory with her bestie.

A pink uke! I love how happy she seems about it!

All the musicals! (Sidenote: UEFA + Copa, so soccer is never not on right now.)

Grammy and Popo's gift was such a hit! It's going to be a good summer!

These girls have grown so much - I love seeing them building a friendship and caring so much for each other. 

Summer, where art thou?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's been six months since we've traveled anywhere (!) and my feet are itchin' again. It dawned on me recently that we don't actually travel as much as it seems. We save up all our vacation days and money for the one or two big trips we do every year and then never really go anywhere in between. While our friends head off on weekend jaunts to the east or spring break holidays to the west, we don't budge from our little Austin bubble. And, after nearly half a year of sticking around, I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy!

What's worse is that Austin has been getting record rain over the past few weeks that I think it's actually morphing into a geographical copy of Portland. It's rainy and humid and a mosquito wonderland around here, and I can't help but long for the crazy-hot dog days of summer. The plus side to all the rain is that our miniature container garden is flourishing, so we should be set with tomatoes and spinach once summer finally shows up. :)

With the new school year starting in August, I think we'll try to take advantage of our proximity to some awesome American destinations and check out a few new places closer to home. We have a long list of cities and destinations we'd love to visit, so now it's just a matter of getting out of our comfort zone and travel habits to make it happen.

But first, we'll be heading back to France in a few weeks, and I've nearly started packing our bags already, I'm so excited! We'll be visiting most of Gui's family in Paris and then head down to the south to visit with his grandparents. We're hoping to sneak in a quick day-trip to Italy while we're there, but nothing's been solidified, yet. Anyone know of any great north-Italian destinations we should try to see? Anyone know how to make summer get here faster?

See you soon, Paris!

See you soon, gelato!

See you soon, famille!

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