[2015] 1/52

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 was such a hazy year for me. So much changed, so many tears ran and frustrations sprouted; so many nights were filled with brutal thoughts and painful sobs - days filled with puffy eyes and coffee overdoses. I floated through most of last year, pushed through the days and sheltered myself from reality. 

If there's any resolution to be made for 2015, it's a hope to regain a bit of normalcy and calm. To gather my thoughts and reset my goals. To stay focused and aware. To find the silver lining of it all and take only the good from the bad. Let myself go, relax and enjoy my life and family and all the love that blooms there.

So, I'm hopping back in the saddle with one of my old favorites that went wayward when things turned upside down last year - my 52 Project. This year, I want to capture Avienne again, but not alone. I think she would love to look back some day to see portraits of herself with someone she appreciates, loves or admires. As much as she enjoys her independence, she is a fierce friend to those she has time to know and happily makes new friends wherever she goes. Plus, she's got a pretty large extended family who could fill a 52 project at least threefold. 

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1/52: Avienne with Papa | taken 1/3/15

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too cute!

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