A few Christmas highlights

Monday, December 30, 2013

So, at Christmas, I came down with an annoying virus that I guiltily passed on to Avienne, which we then passed on to my sister's two youngest boys and then my brother-in-law. It was absolutely no fun, and honestly stole a lot of joy out of our Christmas plans and celebrations. All the scrumptious food my mom and sister whipped up for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was wasted on my useless tastebuds. I was in bed by 8:00 every night with aches and terrible congestion, and up all night nursing my sick, congested babe. And, all the grand plans I had to play games and watch movies and get tons of knitting done never had a chance to materialize. 

But, I was surrounded by family all week, and Avienne is such a cuddlebug when she's not feeling well, so it wasn't all a waste. Plus, we got to see snow! We never see snow on Christmas, and that was honestly, a treat. Back in Austin, we're still on the mend over here, trying to shake some persistent coughs and a few lingering sniffles, but getting out for fresh air as much as possible (especially since it's about 50-degrees warmer here). There hasn't been much time to play with all our Christmas gifts between long naps, and trips outside, so we're looking forward to recovering soon for discovering and enjoying all our new toys.  It wasn't the Christmas we dreamt it would be, but it's one that won't soon be forgotten. Now, we're really looking forward to a healthy 2014! 

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