Monday, November 4, 2013

A portrait of Avienne once a week, every week, in 2013.

Quarante-quatre :: Dancing at a Dia de los Muertos parade

We got a little more than we expected when we attended this parade last week.  There was music and dancing and kids aplenty, and we were all pretty excited to be celebrating in true Austin fashion.  While we were standing together listening to the drums and watching the oversized skeletal bride and groom dance around, a little boy standing in front of us turned around and out of nowhere, shoved Avienne down onto the grass.  I hardly knew how to react, but my heart was racing so fast. The boy's dad, who was standing just next to him, didn't see it happen, so when I told him what his son had done, he asked him to apologize, and apologized to us, as well. Avienne was, of course, fine - just crying and probably a little confused, but she got over it quickly.  It certainly bothered me more than her, and I could feel myself shaking out of anger and feeling so unprepared. 

As aware as I am that Avienne will likely encounter this type of behavior many times as a child, before this incident, I had never thought about how I would and should react when it happens. Gui and I had a long conversation about it afterwards, and I think the whole thing helped us both put things into perspective when it comes to protecting Avienne and teaching her how to behave and deal with others.  There are obviously, still so many lessons I have yet to learn as a mama, but I'm counting on there being more occasions to teach me sooner than I'd like.

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