Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quarante et un :: Trying to capture fleeting moments of this girl's childhood.

Avienne has reached the point in her toddlerhood where she very apparently changes every single day.  It's so hard to savor every new milestone or accomplishment these days because she'll learn something completely new only hours later.  It's amazing and fulfilling and heartbreaking.  Last week, she learned how to say the word "purple," after I tried to explain the color the day before.  Then one day, she blurted out a real and meaningful "papa" followed later (and more scarcely) by "mama."  She's been making sounds and saying words without giving much meaning to them for some time now, but until recently, she had not been speaking brand new words in both languages.  Her first French word was "chat" (typical), which she still says often, and her very first word, "eyes" is also still a favorite (she pokes her eye every time she says it, so we try not to encourage her to say it too often).  It is incredible how quickly she's evolves right now, and I hope I am able to both appreciate and document these terribly fleeting moments while they last.

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