Thursday, August 8, 2013

Today has been one of "those" days.  It started off fine, with smiles and snuggles in bed with my girl, but it's been on a downward spiral ever since.  It all began with a lovely eye stye I discovered in my left eye after Avienne slammed her hand into my face while I had my glasses on.  Fun.

From then on, the day just seemed to unravel. Avienne has had a very bipolar personality all day - going from smiles and laughs to tears and screams in two seconds flat.  Mostly, though, she's just been extra grumpy about everything.  I made the mistake of leaving just after noon to look for a place to have lunch with her.  I was hoping we could get a breath of fresh air and change of scenery to cheer us up.

Well, Chipotle had a line out the door at 12:30, so we tried a deli near our house only to see that there were no available tables and a line waiting for a free one.  Thankfully, there was another Chipotle in the same shopping center - one without a line.  But, a group of moms had monopolized the only three highchairs in the restaurant, so our lunch out turned into take-away lunch at home.  That wasn't so bad except that Avienne kept screaming after every bite of food she took. For. No. Reason. Good times. (Not good times.)

We went out for smoothies (and to pick up my wallet that I had left at Juiceland yesterday - more fun!), but Avienne wanted nothing to do with it.  She [not so] kindly requested in her loudest voice that we leave as soon as our smoothies arrived. So we did.

Now, this little girl won't take a nap, and the house is a straight-up disaster.  I love Avienne to bits, but man, she can be exhausting!  All I want to do is go to bed and have a do-over of today.  Where's the reset button?

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Candy @ Mommypalooza said...

oh, sweet sister I have been THERE! I know!! Hopefully you can laugh about it now, but don't worry...there'll be more just like that. In the end...all that matters is this tiny human person who is counting on you to be their rock. I was staring at my almost 10 year-old today on the football field at practice and I nearly cried...i feel like his entire childhood has flashed before me in an instant. Cherish the good. And the bad. And the ugly. Love you both!!

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