June 26th

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Avienne has been a year old for over a week, and I haven't even posted about how we spent her birthday!  So, here's what we did :

Gui surprised us both and took the day off to spend with his little one-year-old girl.  We started off the day with some coffee (of course) before we met up with Grammy and Popo for breakfast at one of our favorites.  (My little Texas girl, naturally, loves her some breakfast tacos.)  It was a pretty hot day, so we ended up spending a good part of the afternoon at the splash pad.  (Really, we spent only an hour or so there, but it always takes ten times longer to get ready with an infant in tow...swimsuit? swim diaper? sunscreen? hat? dry diapers? floating equipment? So much to think about!) Avienne loves swimming, but it sure tires us all out!  

A few hours before it was time for her birthday to come to an end, we presented Avienne with her very first cupcake.  We had no idea what to expect from her - if she'd love it or hate it or not really care about it.  In the end, she totally loved digging into her cupcake, and would have probably stayed sitting at that table until she finished off every last crumb of her frosted birthday treat, if we'd let her. This girl apparently has a sweet tooth only rivaled by her papa.

I know Avienne won't remember how she spent her first birthday, but it's been the most momentous year of both of our lives, and one that I don't think I could ever forget.  When she does get old enough to wonder how we celebrated this milestone, I'll tell her we spent the day laughing, smiling and loving this brand new life that has only just begun.


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