Here we go again...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's time to say goodbye to our little home in the North University area with all it's leaf-blowing, lawn-mowing and basketball-playing loudness.  As much as we love living in this sweet, old house, we've decided to pack it up and move again.  We're headed a bit more north, slightly shortening Gui's work commute and into a pretty family-friendly Austin neighborhood. We will miss our incredible neighbors and being surrounded by historical landmarks, fun eateries and hot shopping spots, but we're really looking forward to exploring our new, bustling 'hood and making some new friends.  We'll be a short walk from the neighborhood pool and playground, but our new house also comes with its own little playscape and sandbox, so we may be spending quite a bit of time playing in our own backyard, too. I'm excited to have a garage and a deck to hang out on, but I'm pretty sad that we have to say goodbye to the fireplace.

It's taken us a few years and a lot of moving around, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that the new place will be our last stop for a least until we're ready to jump across the pond again back to France. ;)  I, for one, would be happy as a clam to never have to pack boxes or move again!

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