Avienne at the Austin Zoo

Friday, July 12, 2013

A lot of people give Austin slack for not having a "real" zoo, but I think the Austin Zoo is really pretty great. Gui didn't even know we had a zoo in town, and I had long forgotten about this place since I last visited on a field trip in elementary school. We decided to take a trip down to south Austin last weekend to check it out.  Avienne gets pretty excited seeing a dog pass by from our living room window, so we weren't too surprised to see her stare and point at the new creatures she was discovering for the first time.  

We started out early and didn't stay too late because it's so darn hot in Austin right now.  Luckily, we made it early enough to see a few feedings, and some animals enjoying a bit a fresh air before the sun was at its hottest.  Seeing animals like lions and tigers still makes me wide-eyed.  We also saw a bear, some monkeys, birds, chickens, ducks, and sheep.  There were some seriously creepy creatures hanging out in the reptile and insect rooms, too.  Avienne couldn't decide if she was terrified or excited to pet a hungry goat at the petting zoo area, and I almost had my eyes pecked out by a shady peacock.  All in all, it was definitely a fun day at the zoo.

I normally feel so sorry for animals behind zoo bars, and although I did feel a little sad for them, I know they're much better off being cared for here than in someone's home or with a travelling circus.  We plan on returning when it starts to cool down a bit, and I'm looking forward to taking Avienne back when she's a little older, too.  

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