First Father's Day

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day totally snuck up on me this year!  For some reason, I thought it was much later in the month, and only realized mid-week that I would only have two days to prepare something for Gui's first Father's Day.  Total wife fail!

Somehow, though, we managed to have a really wonderful and totally unplanned day yesterday.  We enjoyed pasteries and coffee en terrasse in the morning, walked around downtown before grabbing some fancy barbecue, spent the afternoon with my Dad, brother and nephew, and ended our night eating tacos and watching the Spurs win Game 4 with my mom and step-dad.  It was a pretty perfect day.

Gui is an incredible papa who both Avienne and I adore more than we could ever communicate through a greeting card or gift wrap.  We are two really lucky girls to call him ours.


Crystal said...

Such great pics, Sarah! I'm so glad you guys had a great Father's day. It must be so nice to be surrounded by family :)


Ksam said...

Aww, Happy First Father's Day Gui!!

misplaced texan said...

Crystal: It so is! I'm trying to soak up all the family I can while we're still living in Austin. I know all too soon, we'll be back in Paris and I'll be longing for these days. Bisous!!

Ksam: Gui says, thanks! :)

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