A new decade

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June is a pretty hectic month for this mama. I have two new and very important days to celebrate from now on this month - Avienne's birthday and Father's Day. It works out pretty nicely for Gui, since he gets an extra day of spoilage now that he's a papa (to be fair, I get one, too, since my birthday falls in the same month as Mother's Day).  This year, though, Gui turned 30.  It's pretty crazy to think that he's been in his twenties for all seven years that I've known him. I feel like my twenties were such a long time ago, even though they were just two years ago. But, my life has really changed in those two little years!  

We were hoping to be in France for Gui's birthday this year, but it just wasn't in the cards for us.  So, sadly, Gui spent his birthday at work. But, he came home to an award-winning birthday cupcake and singing candle and a few little gifts. Then, we spent the evening dining at our favorite restaurant (we are so creatures of habit in this household, if you haven't noticed by now) while Avienne stayed home with her Grammy and Popo. On Friday evening, I organized a small surprise apéro at our place, complete with champagne, chocolate truffle cake, and a healthy dose of good friends.  

Happiest of birthdays, again, sweet husband!  Thirty looks good on you! 

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