Tour de France : Part 2

Friday, May 24, 2013

The largest chunk of our time in Paris was spent catching up with family and friends, so luckily, our little girl typically enjoys being around crowds of people. It's a good thing we kiss and squeeze her so much, too because she barely had an inch of personal space during these two weeks.  With all the attention she got back in France, she'll never have a reason to doubt how immensely loved she so is.  

► Avienne spent some precious time with her nana and I couldn't get enough of all the tulips sprouting around the city.

► There was a lot of this going on when Avienne finally met some extended cousins. 

► Getting a photo with all of them looking at the right camera and smiling just wasn't happening.

We brunched with friends at my favorite brunch spot in Paris.  So happy!

One of Gui's very best friends joined us for the day out.

Our friend Aimee finally met Avienne!

► We took a long walk around Paris after brunching.

 Avienne loved meeting all of Gui's old buddies

► We rounded up a bunch of friends and had a crazy-awesome picnic under the Eiffel tower on what was probably the most gorgeous day ever.  We brought a few of our favorite picnic snacks, but we obviously have a lot to learn when it comes to French picnicking.  From prociutto ficelle to chocolate brownies, our friends know how to do it right! 

Gui's dad threw us a lovely brunch, which turned into a family reunion of sorts.  It was really special that Avienne was able to meet one of her great-grandmothers.  Both of Gui's grandmothers are still living, and we're really lucky that we were able to spend time with both of them on this trip.  I think having a baby really underscores how important family is, and that was made even clearer on this trip over.  We will always be far away from family no matter where we are living, so we try to soak up as much time with our loved ones whenever they're closeby.

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