Monday, April 22, 2013

The past couple of weeks have been super busy, so sorry for all the crickets over here on the blog.  I've been working on a side-project that's been occupying a lot of that time (and doing a number on my nerves, too) (also, more on that later), but besides that, we've been keeping busy with family and friends, enjoying time outside before the summer heat hits Texas, and getting ourselves prepared for our France visit (J-10 !).  I've also been hit by the spring-cleaning bug and I'm learning how nearly impossible it is to keep things tidy around here with a basket-emptying rugrat in the house.  And, I'm feeling like we need to do a reshuffle of furniture in our house, but we're also considering another move this summer (still in Austin!), so I might just have to wait until that's decided.  More stressful stuff to ponder!  Things have just been a bit overwhelming round here, so I couldn't be more exicted to greet a nice, long Paris vacation in just ten days' time.  Woohoo!

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Mil said...

gorgeous photos, gorgeous baby, gorgeous food!

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