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Monday, April 1, 2013

Before I became a stay-at-home-mama, I always wondered what I'd do with my days at home with a baby. Avienne doesn't go to daycare or school, yet, and although I have a few things in the works, I don't have a full-time job, so we spend the entire day doing things together. Admittedly, there are days when we do absolutely nothing at all. Well, nothing, as in, we don't leave the house, but rest assured there is still lots of stuff going on, like keeping an energetic baby busy and happy, cleaning, cooking, napping, organizing. 

Today was a pretty typical "busy" day. We didn't do anything spectacularly fun (like going to the swings!), but we managed to stay out of the house from 10 am until 4 pm. Here's what we were up to...

9:30 : Out of bed and playing in the living room.  I contemplated cooking breakfast, but got a call from a friend and we decided to have an impromptu play date with another mama.

9:45 : Got Avienne dressed. Got myself dressed. Packed the diaper bag.

10:15 : Out the door. That's record time for us! 

10:30-12:00 : Play date! It's so nice to get out and be with friends who have babies, too. We all just caught up on things, had coffee and hung out while the kids mostly did their thing.  I even managed to get a few rows of knitting done, which pretty much never happens. 

12-12:45 : Grabbed lunch to go and decided to drive around for a bit to let my sleepy baby catch a catnap.  She conked out by 12:15, so I drove to the YMCA parking lot and ate my lunch.

1:00-2:45 : Mommy and me yoga at the Y, followed by some time spent in their child-watch center.  (I'm trying to get Avienne used to being left for an hour so I can occasionally work out or catch a yoga class.  She's going through separation anxiety these days, but I'm hoping it will get easier soon. Fingers crossed!)

3:00-4:00 : Grocery shopping for the week.

4:15 : Put baby down for a nap, and I get to put away the groceries and do some blogging.  Yay!

I kind of feel like I accomplished so little today, and it seems like the time seriously flew by.  I guess it doesn't help that we get up so late, but Avienne is pretty set on either sleeping late until 8:00 or having a morning nap around 9:00 (or both).  I don't mind since I usually end up going to bed pretty late, anyway. 

I know I'm really lucky that I get to plan my day around spending time with my baby, but I can see how it definitely isn't an ideal arrangement for everyone.  Before I became a mama, I worried that staying home would bore me or make me crazy, but I honestly love it.  That said, I try to take advantage of my alone time while Avienne naps, and squeeze in some knitting or blogging or napping of my own.  Everyone always said it, but now I really understand that it's all about balance - making the most of mama-baby time and carving out a decent amount of mama-only time, too.  

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