Sunday, April 7, 2013

"A portrait of Avienne once a week, every week, in 2013."

Quatorze :: A curious little girl observing the swaying trees and barely showing off her two front teeth.

Lately, I've been trying to remember to call out the name of an object that has Avienne's interest to build up her baby vocabulary.  I often find her staring up at the trees while we're swinging in the front yard, so I've been making it a point to remind her what they're called.  She doesn't know many words, yet, but we know she already understands a few in both French and English (mainly, clap, hello, and goodbye).  She's still babbling away, too, which gets me so excited for her to start really talking.  I keep wondering what her little toddler voice will sound like, and it makes me smile to think of all the conversations we'll have someday.  

Linking up with Jodi's 52 Project.


jasmine said...

i was just adding my link to jodi's post for this week, and i saw yours and thought, "hey! i know that baby!" i'm @avec_la_fleur on instagram! so good to see you outside of the instagram/iphone bubble. :)

Anonymous said...

Visiting from Che And Fidel, your baby is gorgeous! Love the bright colors of your pic.

misplaced texan said...

Hi Jasmine!! So glad you found me! This is why I love Instagram - I feel like I "know" a bunch of awesome mamas and their babes from seeing their faces so often. It's cool that we're both doing the 52 Project, too. Small internet world. :)

Thank you @gabyarth!

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